Coley|Central Canteen Services

In addition to our outstanding product selections and latest technology and equipment, Coley|Central Canteen Services has an outstanding service history. Coley|Central Canteen Services has been in business for over 75 years and is one of the largest vending companies in the state of Michigan. For the last 30 years, we have been the largest privately owned vending company based out of Flint, Michigan. We have many accounts that have been with us for 20-30 years due to many reasons including our honest employees, outstanding friendships and excellent service.

Family owned and operated business since our inception in 1939, we have over 70 Years of experience. Along the way Coley Canteen Services has grown to be one of the largest vending operations within the state of Michigan. As a nationally recognized vending company we are large enough to offer an incredible selection of products and equipment, but small enough to give you personalized and tailored service. We will always provide you with equipment that fits your needs and service them as often as needed.

Break room experts at your service

Coley Canteen food service specialists are excited to take your break room requirements and provide you with a personalized solution that includes fresh, healthy, high quality food and refreshments. We often introduce new products to keep the service bold and exciting.

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#1 service provider ready to cater to your needs — call Coley Canteen Food Services at  810.232.4767 or email [email protected]